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Thank you Newgrounds

2015-07-29 12:44:33 by KidDeception

Thank you newgrounds, without your support Id be just like all the other Hip hop artists getting struggle plays and downloads off soundcloud and youtube.


I love our unique audience and people, people that are honest and give new things a chance ! Lets keep up the great work!


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2015-07-29 13:29:38

I can totally agree with you. Right now, I would be a nobody who people would consider to be a terrible wannabe artist. But on here people appreciate and like my art. C:

KidDeception responds:

Exactly, I was finding such a hardtime to find an outlet. OCremix would always shoot down my remixes, Youtube is just random and soundcloud is as Ive said pure struggle.

Newgrounds is just something special!


2015-07-29 15:22:20



2015-07-29 15:41:38

right? it's such a fantastic thing, i hope it'll always be that way

KidDeception responds:

Lol, Seriously, I have my fingers crossed. Without NG i am obsolete hahah.