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New music on the way!

2015-12-01 10:04:15 by KidDeception

Well my last project Timeline was kind of a bust, but I got something new in the works. bunch of new music coming your way. that 8-bit album i always talked about is coming !


For an example of whats to come check out my latest recording, (which i was so anxious about recording i said fuck the studio and recorded off a iphone) Check out the LQ prototype which uses Drillmans theme from Mega Man 4 entiled " Late in the night "



Im sure any fan of megaman and introspective rapping will love this.


anyhow enjoy the new tunes! Dont forget to slap me a good ol 5 rating so I can get some shares and downloads.

Doing some beat making too these days so beats to come in the future as well!



Thanks again for your time !





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