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Thanks zero Bombers !

2016-02-09 20:42:53 by KidDeception

a nice hateful review would be nice to go with the zero damn


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2016-02-09 21:30:52

Hmm,but wouldn't that hurt the creator's feelings and get deleted by mods who get alerted to these 'reviews' by other Newgrounders who point it out?Maybe it's better to just write down the reason for giving the zero without any hate as the world has more than enough of that.

KidDeception responds:

yeah i dont mind if People have things they want to point out about my tracks that are bad. Im a amature and I want to get better, I just got a new mic so im really learning new ways to record. Sucks cause this doesnt help anybody nor will it make those people feel better. They will feel the same way the next day.


2016-02-09 21:38:43

You could be beating a dead horse by posting about them. Hey, some people who review vote a zero along with it. I once got a two star review. By my calculations on the score, the same user voted zero. I called him on it, and he pretended like he didn't know what I was talking about. People just want to be assholes. The sooner you learn to not give a fuck, the better off you'll be.

KidDeception responds:

True. Thanks for the advice. and the input, i will no longer give these dudes any press. Imma take my L and keep it moving.


2016-02-10 03:37:24

Whatever it is,I wish you all the best in your projects!