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The K.i.D is a Underground Rapper from San Diego who likes to work with a wide viarity of different types of music. From the samples he uses in his tracks youll hear, Rock,Classical,8bit, R&B and Modern Rap. Enjoy

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KidDeception's News

Posted by KidDeception - July 19th, 2017

New Track up for download. Check it out and enjoy


video posted below



Posted by KidDeception - June 9th, 2017

This is a whole album done in 8 bit style instrumentals


Take a listen and journey back to the 80's




Enjoy !

Posted by KidDeception - April 11th, 2017



Check out the video and if you like the song download it from my list !

Posted by KidDeception - April 8th, 2017

Thanks for all the listens and downloads, I love the Newgrounds community. This site compared to any other site is a world of difference. On my soundcloud i dont get not even half the plays or downloads that I do here. The same songs that I put up on here I also have my soundcloud and they dont get much attention if any at all.


So I thank all who continue to check in listen to my new work and vote and comment. You all are really really appreciated and are the main reason why I continue to keep doing music.


Thanks a million !



Posted by KidDeception - March 9th, 2017

Hey ! just wanted to let you know that this  year a whole slew of music is coming out from Kid Deception.


Some have been posted already but keep coming back for more!

Posted by KidDeception - January 31st, 2017

If you already checked out the 8-bit version of this album and liked it, check out the Remixed POWERS album. In this remix you get new tracks and samples from movie classics like Rocky, Robotech, Fist of Fury etc


Click the Link Below and have a listen and get ready to be taken on a Musical Adventure !



Posted by KidDeception - July 30th, 2016

Are you a Fan of the chiptune sound, well check out the mixtape I finished here! all Chiptune 8bit tracks remixed with hard hitting drums !



Posted by KidDeception - February 26th, 2016

Dedicated to anybody working hard towards a goal or dream! Keep striving towards the top,



Song samples from the game boy game Nemesis which is a spin off of Gradius.




Posted by KidDeception - February 9th, 2016

a nice hateful review would be nice to go with the zero damn

Posted by KidDeception - December 1st, 2015

Well my last project Timeline was kind of a bust, but I got something new in the works. bunch of new music coming your way. that 8-bit album i always talked about is coming !


For an example of whats to come check out my latest recording, (which i was so anxious about recording i said fuck the studio and recorded off a iphone) Check out the LQ prototype which uses Drillmans theme from Mega Man 4 entiled " Late in the night "




Im sure any fan of megaman and introspective rapping will love this.


anyhow enjoy the new tunes! Dont forget to slap me a good ol 5 rating so I can get some shares and downloads.

Doing some beat making too these days so beats to come in the future as well!



Thanks again for your time !