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Thank you Newgrounds

2015-07-29 12:44:33 by KidDeception

Thank you newgrounds, without your support Id be just like all the other Hip hop artists getting struggle plays and downloads off soundcloud and youtube.


I love our unique audience and people, people that are honest and give new things a chance ! Lets keep up the great work!

Ninja Gaiden Sample!

2015-04-25 01:22:31 by KidDeception

Check out my new song ! It may sound familiar

Song Contains Samples from Ninja Gaiden 2 Dark Sword of Chaos Tower of Lahja




The Song has been Zero Bombed, so Please help me with a Kind vote so I can get more listeners! Thanks in advance. and as always My songs are up for the public to use on any project no hassle. Just give credits. Thanks!

New Music!!

2015-04-16 03:07:31 by KidDeception

I know its been a really long time but ive been working hard to get out new tracks this year. This time around though, Most of my songs will be a little more bluesy and chill. In due time though I''ll get back to the anthems and I have an 8bit album on the way, slated for late summer so stay tuned.


For now im going to finish my latest project "The Kid With The Wolf Tattoo" so enjoy the songs from it!

The sequel to one of my First songs is finally up and should tide you by till Street fighter V comes out ! enjoy and let me know what you think

No need to even ask me. The only thing I ask from you is a link to your work so i can check it out.


The song is done now check out the video that goes with it!

Id like to take this time to say thank you to everybody who has left kind words and messages on my songs. Also thanks for the Awesome raitings. Id like to get back to everybody who has sent a message but because of all the love that has been shown its kinda hard to. So id like to dedicate this post to all of you. Im glad i was able to change some of your minds on the views of Hiphop/Rap music and give you a broader aspect of the Genre. There is so much more to the music than what mainstream has to offer. Please continue to not only check out my music but the other Artists in the Hip hop Portal as well. There are very talented Artists out there with some real Gems! Once again Thanks for all the love. As this year comes to an end i am looking forward to making new tracks and music to come next year. Till then Merry Christmas, and Happy New year! and If you dont celebrate those days thats cool too, Just toast one up for me as I do for you. Celebrate life! W.ild O.ut L.ive F.ree.

If you downloaded it before, Be sure to download it again. the newer copy has different sound effects and extras to go with it. Making it a whole lot better!

New Tracks on the way!

2011-10-31 19:11:31 by KidDeception

One of the songs is a dedication that pertains to a certain "Evil Prince" in DBZ :) hRmA

A Street Fighter Ryu Combo vid that goes with the song i did iStay Winning Part 2